Empowering Organizations To Deliver Unmatched Patient-Centered Telehealth Care

Simple, affordable, presence solutions that advance access to care both inside and outside the four walls of your facility.

Deliver Care Wherever Your Patients Are

Doctor to Patient at Home

When patients can’t see providers in person, virtual visits keep their health on track. Connect using any smartphone or computer.

TeleVisitor™ Friends & Family

Use TeleVisitor™ to keep loved ones connected when visitation isn’t possible due to geographic constraints or other circumstances.

Doctor to Patient in Facility

Safely bring clinical resources any place using TeleVisitor™. Sessions are safe, secure and HIPAA Compliant.

Expand Your Boundaries With TeleVisitor™ and TeleTether™

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Who We Serve


Elder Care

Behavioral Health





Primary Care

Affordable, Engaging Telepresence

This portable, nimble, and flexible device creates a dynamic sense of presence by enabling remote users the ability to visualize and assess patients and their environment while engaging in conversation. Virtually bring providers into any space to eliminate geographical constraints and instantly expand access to healthcare resources.

  • Generate revenue for clinical services
Tap into the growing library of Telehealth billable codes. Utilize TeleVisitor™ to bill for the originating site fee.
  • Evaluations become faster and easier

Specialists and doctors who traditionally traveled long distances for appointments can now get the same interaction instantly when done virtually.

  • Care planning and care coordination

Improve quality of care and treatment planning via trouble-free conduction of referrals, consultations, care and or case management.

  • Improve key performance metrics and outcomes

Improve patient experience and satisfaction as measured by HCAHPS, surveys, and feedback tools.

Fast, Friendly, Helpful

This is the first product in my 33 years of working in behavioral health that I could see us using and implementing organization wide. Integrated Telehealth Solutions has worked with Compass Health to tailor this project to fit the needs of those we serve while maintaining the human interaction necessary in our clients’ treatment plans.

Tom Sebastian

Compass Health CEO

We Care About Building Sustainable Telehealth Programs

Avoid costly errors and get end-to-end guidance and expertise for your telehealth initiative from the ITS consulting experts. We’ll build your program from the ground up to maximize your investment and accelerate your program goals all while integrating with your current workflows.
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Bridges the gap between clinicians and the patient
  • Drives operational efficiencies
  • Decreases practice costs
  • Promotes revenue growth
  • Drives clinical outcome improvement

There are plenty of band-aids

Integrated Telehealth Solutions is The Cure

Not Telehealth

Audio only solutions like telephone calls do not meet standard federal or state regulatory requirements.

Outdated Telehealth

Very expensive; requires robust network and IT knowledge to operate.

Bulky Telehealth

Expensive; geographical and space limitations; typically only used for clinical interactions.

Optimal Telehealth

Professional, portable, affordable. Clinical or social care appropriate. Meets all regulatory requirements.

Patient Centered Care Means
Connecting The Dots Across The Continuum Of Health


Don’t just take our word for it. See what our satisfied clients have to say about ITS.

“NyE Communities Coalition has been using the Integrated Telehealth Solutions telecommunications unit for about six months for business meetings, but mostly for client service delivery. We have interns, staff role changes, and AmeriCorps members coming and going all the time so a simple tool, easy to learn, is key for us.”

Stacy Smith

CEO NyE Communities Coalition

“The nurses on my unit enjoy using the TeleVisitor™ Patient Monitoring system and are eager to use it when they know they are receiving a confused patient. Now that we are using TeleVisitor™ on the entire floor, we have gone 27 days without any falls! This is huge for us since we were averaging 2-3 falls a month. Thank you for installing this wonderful product. It has helped increase patient safety on our unit and we are forever grateful.”

Theresa C. RN, BSN

UMC Oncology, Clinical Supervisor

“I have been working with (ITS) for over 14 months. I took a lead position in assisting the managers of two new programs at Behavioral Health Services in adopting telemed services. Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and First Episode Psychosis (FEP) were able to utilize a telemed presence utilizing TeleVisitor™ and the support provided by ITS.”

Joseph Kanter

Behavioral Health Services Security Coordinator

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