Improving the care of animals and the humans who care for them.

Enabling veterinary professionals to remotely render care excellence via convenient, cost-effective telehealth services.

Expand Your Business With TeleVisitor™ and TeleTether™

Utilization of Teletriage and Teleadvice

Answer questions, virtually triage, and follow up with pets and pet parents via secure video communication. Effective triaging enables you to identify more urgent issues and to recognize situations that require in-person appointments from those that do not and can be successfully managed remotely. It also facilitates efficient digital completion of documentation and paperwork resulting in shorter wait and visit times.

  • Remotely respond to inquiries and assess pets or animals promptly, providing appropriate advice and guidance,  instructions or information while in the comfort of their own home or living situation.  Allay fears and concerns.  Help your clients to understand appropriate next steps or needed interventions.  
  • Provide follow-up consultations after surgeries or illness. Having clients bring their animals to the office for follow-up care is not always necessary.  Avoid the time and expense of using your office or clinic setting for often unreimbursed services.  Evaluate the animal’s progress in their typical environment.  Enable the monitoring of treatment plan effectiveness without clients needing to incur the time and expense of driving to the practice.
  • Save in office visits for those situations warranting a professional’s care. Use video conference calls to determine and help clients understand when a situation requires emergency or urgent care, a routine office visit, or can be managed via telemedicine. Not only can this be extremely convenient and educational for the pet owner, it will negate unneeded in-office visits, freeing up critical walk-in slots for those who truly need them. 

TeleVisitor™ – Affordable, Engaging, Telepresence

Our portable, nimble, and flexible robotic device creates a dynamic sense of personal engagement. Positioned within the practice, you can conduct a virtual care session with any animal, anywhere. while providing the same high quality care.  Offering telehealth using this tool offers benefits for clients, patients, and your practice.  When done right, telehealth can enhance animal care by making communication,
diagnosis, treatment, client education, scheduling, and other tasks within your practice easier.

  • Easily allow pet owners to join the care delivery process virtually.
  • Conduct virtual telemedicine consultations and monetize your time.
  • Deliver care remotely for many interactions as long as you abide by regulatory and licensure requirements, have the proper internet connection, and a quiet place to conduct sessions.

Maximize Utilization of The Care Team

Use your team to their fullest.  Keep your practice’s lobby and staff safe by connecting with pet parents and handlers via secure, HIPAA compliant SMS messaging and video conferencing.  Save time and eliminate unnecessary overhead costs.

  • Eliminate fears of contagious illnesses for animals and humans by exploiting the use of video conference calls and secure SMS two way text messages.
  • Implement more effective workflows that use each staff member to their fullest capability in answering inquiries, directing clients, and managing resources.
  • Improve patient satisfaction by ensuring prompt staff responsiveness and increasing practitioner accessibility. Utilize technology to eliminate calls placed on hold, innumerable voice mails that must be returned, and phone tag.  Answer inquiries promptly with ease and simplicity. 


In our ever-evolving online digital world, more and more clients are demanding the ability to fill prescriptions electronically via third parties.  Make the process easy on you and your office staff.

  • Send prescriptions digitally to pet/animal owners or pharmacies with ease.
  • Improve medication compliance.
  • Enhance client relationships.

Care Plan Adherence

It’s critical that your pet parents actively participate and follow recommended care protocols and bring their pets for needed in-office and virtual follow-ups. Delaying or disregarding needed care can be detrimental to an animal’s long term health. By automatically generating appointment reminders, pet-centric education collateral, and care notifications, care plan adherence can be escalated.  Moreover, these tasks can be accomplished with minimal administrative hassle and effort.

  • Advance understanding of animal conditions, diseases and needed prevention and interventions.
  • Improve communication and treatment plan adherence.
  • Reduce no-shows by up to 75%; less than 5% of scheduled appointments are canceled after clients receive a text message.

Two Way HIPAA Compliant SMS Texting

98% of text messages are read, compared to just 20% of all emails. Communicate with your clients in a way that’s native to them, SMS text. No more unanswered phone calls, full voicemail boxes or lost messages due to email spam filters.

  • Make your message heard with higher response rates.
  • Eliminate confusing patient portals and apps.  Texting means no website, no logins, no forgotten passwords.
  • Provide communication that is secure and VCPR compliant, private and encrypted.

On-going Customer Activation

Keeping in regular contact with your customers and recalling the “lost ones” whom you have not seen in months or even years, is just as important – and easier – as acquiring new ones. Implementing a sure fire customer (re)activation strategy lends to enhanced client retention, client satisfaction, and loyalty.

  • Create recall reminders using text messages – for high engagement.
  • Remind clients of annual exams and immunizations for pets.
  • Build trust by keeping pets on track and healthy.

Customizable SMS Templates

Send personalized text messages in just seconds to patients wherever and whenever.

  • Save time – respond to frequently asked questions in 1-click.
  • Personalize your texts simply with merge fields.
  • Ensure consistency of responses – develop, save and reuse frequently sent messages, campaign text replies, autoresponders, and keyword confirmation messages to ensure preservation of your preferred approach and brand.

Education and Targeted Marketing

Educating pet caretakers with the right information, at the right time, has the power to improve outcomes and transform your reputation. 

  • Deliver content specific information based on the pet/animal’s treatment plan.
  • Empower human caretakers, provide instruction, guidance and education that promotes individual  optimal health care status.
  • Target animal patient segments for analysis and action based on needs and uses.

Teleconsulting With Specialist and Consultants

Consult virtually with other clinical professionals, specialists, and resources while the animal and animal owner remain in their home or are in the practice setting, improving care decisions and planning with the input of appropriate expertise, strengthening your relationship with the pet-animal handler/pet parent and increasing client satisfaction.

  • Expand access to care.
  • Eliminate geographical constraints.
  • Strengthen your referral network by utilizing teleconsulting to communicate with other veterinary specialists.

Calendar Integration

Instantly connect your calendar to deepen your collaboration with your team. Easily verify availability. Say goodbye to double bookings.

  • Two-way sync with your connected calendar ensuring you never get double booked.
  • Keep your calendar private allowing customers to only see available time slots. Free or busy event names are never revealed.
  • Secure encrypted connection gives you piece of mind; your data is safe and secure.

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