We believe in crafting more meaningful relationships with patients at each touchpoint

Connecting with patients across the continuum of care has never been easier. Remotely triage patients, improve care plan adherence, coordinate care with a variety of providers,  increase patient satisfaction, and expand your reach.

Expand Your Practice With TeleVisitor™ and TeleTether™

Virtual Triage Consultations + Quick and Easy Follow-Ups

Keep your practice’s lobby and staff safe by connecting with patients via secure, HIPAA compliant video to virtually triage and meet with your patients prior to office arrival.  Save time and eliminate unnecessary resource usage by navigating patients using a secure SMS text link.

  • Keep people safely at home when possible. Care team members can gather relevant information and visually assess patients’ conditions, determining best next steps. When virtual care can be rendered, overhead costs and resources are saved.  Evaluations can become faster without any detriment to care.  
  • Shorten wait and visit times when in-office or facility care is warranted. Gather presenting complaint information, collect demographic and insurance data, obtain signed consents, and have patients complete necessary forms digitally prior to arrival to limit unnecessary waiting and exam room usage.
  • Reduce unneeded in-person appointments. Not all care requires an in-person appointment. Schedule routine care and follow-up appointments virtually.  Virtual visits can reflect your high standard of care while driving up efficiency and revenue.

TeleVisitor™ – Affordable, Engaging, Telepresence

Our portable, nimble, and flexible robotic device creates a dynamic sense of engagement. Now you can virtually bring family or clinical staff into any environment, including exam rooms, using TeleVisitor™.

  • Families can appropriately engage in exams, treatment, or discharge planning.
  • Distant providers can join care planning decisions and discussions.
  • Warm, personal introductions to specialists or other providers to whom a patient is referred can occur while the patient is in the exam room, promoting emotional ease and confidence.

Specialty Referrals / Warm handoffs

Virtually bring clinical resources and specialists into your practice setting, strengthening the patient-provider relationship.

  • Expand access to care.
  • Eliminate geographical constraints.
  • Strengthen your referral network relationships.
  • Improve your patient’s comfort level when referrals are warranted.  Meeting the provider beforehand can have many benefits.

Care Plan Adherence

The importance of demonstrable quality of care and patient outcomes has never been greater. Adherence to recommended treatment regimes is essential for patients to achieve health and well-being goals. Patients need to be knowledgeable to effectively participate in their own care.

  • Strengthen the patient-physician partnership, reinforce desired behaviors and provide support via enhanced communication using text messaging and video conferencing.
  • Monitor medication management and adherence and decrease episodes of forgetfulness, misunderstanding or confusion.  Become aware of side effects quickly.
  • Reinforce appointment attendance with automated reminders.
  • Provide educational material digitally regarding condition, disease specific, wellness, and health promotions.

Open and Safe Visitation

Schedule and coordinate visitations.  Make it easy for your patients to experience our simple, hands-free, TeleVisitor™ device.  The patient experience and satisfaction will increase while your staff’s time is saved. 

  • Families can meet with loved ones at more convenient times beyond normal visitation windows.
  • Patients and family members can visit freely and privately in virtual interactions.
  • With more visitation, psychological well-being improves; moods are lifted for all.  Healing and recovery is aided.

Patient Education and Targeted Patient Marketing

Educating patients with the right information, at the right time, has the power to improve outcomes and transform your professional reputation and your practice.

  • Deliver content specific information based on the patient’s treatment plan.
  • Empower patients, provide instruction, guidance and education that promotes the patient’s optimal health care status.
  • Target patient segments for analysis and action based on needs and uses.

Two Way HIPAA Compliant SMS Texting

98% of text messages are read by recipients, compared to just 20% of all emails. Communicate with your patients in a way that’s native to them, SMS text. Eliminate unanswered phone calls, full voicemail boxes, and lost messages due to email spam filters.

  • Provide security and privacy; no PHI or PII leakage; obtain HIPAA consents.
  • Make your message heard and enjoy a higher response rate.
  • Eliminate downloading apps and accessing confusing patient portals – texting means no website, no logins, no forgotten passwords.

On-going Customer Activation

An effective recall system is the heartbeat of your organization but getting patients to come back in can be difficult. Now, with targeted, customized reminders and effective outreach campaigns, your tedious and time-consuming recall tasks can be centralized and automated, saving you time, frustration and reducing cost.

  • Keep your schedule full by keeping patients engaged, on track and healthy.
  • Increase the number of patients while growing profits by retaining patients longer.
  • Save time and resources by automating the recall process.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule virtual and in-office appointments on one platform, TeleTether™.  Decrease staff administrative burden.  Eliminate phone tag, multiple calls, and endless voicemails.

  • Enable patient self-scheduling and reduce medical front office workload by up to 60 – 70 hours each month by increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing missed appointments.
  • Communicate with patients in real-time via 2-way text messaging.
  • Build practice capacity.

Appointment Reminders

Get the attention of your patients and remind them of upcoming appointments with automated SMS text reminders. Increase patient engagement.

  • Reduce administrative burden and refocus staff on high value tasks.
  • Reduce no-shows by up to 75%; less than 5% of scheduled appointments are cancelled after clients receive a text message.
  • Improve patient communication.

Customizable SMS Templates

Send personalized text messages in just seconds to patients wherever and whenever.

  • Save time by responding to frequently asked questions in 1-click.
  • Personalize your texts simply with merge fields.
  • Ensure consistency – Develop templates; save and reuse frequently sent messages, deploy educational and messaging campaigns; employ automatic text replies, autoresponders, and keyword confirmation messages.

Calendar Integration

Instantly connect your calendar to deepen your collaboration with your team. Easily verify availability. Say goodbye to double bookings.

  • Two-way sync with your connected calendar ensuring you never get double booked.
  • Keep your calendar private allowing customers to only see available time slots. Free or busy event names are never revealed.
  • Secure encrypted connection gives you piece of mind knowing your data is safe and secure.

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