Bridging The Gap
For Behavioral Health Care

With the shortage and maldistribution of providers and the demand for behavioral health and substance use disorder services at all-time highs, the rational utilization of telehealth across the continuum of care has never been more needed.  Now you can extend your reach, providing significant accessibility, ensure continuity of care, strengthen the patient connection, and expand collaboration with the integrated care team using the ITS solution. 

Expand Your Boundaries With TeleVisitor™ and TeleTether™


Mental illnesses and substance use disorders are among the most common health conditions in the U.S. yet too few people receive treatment. Telepsychiatry via virtual interactions has been proven to be safe, effective and comparable in outcomes to in-person services while offering an enticing array of benefits to both patients and healthcare providers.  Some benefits include:

  • Unprecedented accessibility.  Care can occur from the patient and provider’s location of choice, eliminating barriers such as distance, provider shortages, travel hassles and costs.  Treatment delays are minimized. Prompt crisis stabilization occurs. 
  • Provide the highest quality of care while improving patient satisfaction.  Research has shown perceived excellent provider rapport, optimal care, improved treatment and adherence, and increased trust while providing desired anonymity and privacy for individuals receiving services via telehealth for behavioral health and substance use disorders.  Whether providing assessment or screening; counseling or therapy; peer support or other interventions, telehealth is proven effective. 
  • Unmatched convenience.  Scheduling flexibility increases; additional visit options equate to more visits and patients. Concerns regarding missed work or school, caregiver obligations and conflicts can be alleviated.  Those who are institutionalized, homebound or have mobility challenges are no longer constrained. Convenience results in greater patient satisfaction and higher rates of patient engagement. 
  • Ability to conduct care from anywhere and work in multiple settings.  Whether in private practices, clinics, hospitals, or community settings, behavioral health and substance use disorder practitioners, counselors, clinicians or integrated primary care physicians can serve those who need care via telehealth.  As long as regulations and licensure law adherence occurs, a proper internet connection exists, and one has a quiet place to conduct sessions, a clinician can choose to practice as desired, serving various populations.
  • Revenue increases are realized.  Market differentiation and expansion occurs.  Operating costs decrease.  Appointment no-show rates decrease while treatment plan adherence increases.  Revenue via value based contract incentives rises.  Profits escalate from increased productivity and originating site fee capture.  

Virtual Triage Consultations + Quick and Easy Follow-Ups

Keep your practice’s clinical team safe by connecting with patients via secure, HIPAA compliant video.  Utilize SMS texting technology to enhance communications.  Using virtual triage and meetings with your patients saves time and eliminates unnecessary resource usage while navigating patients along the care continuum.

  • Keep people safely at home when possible.  Care team members can gather relevant information and visually assess patients’ conditions in their typical environment and determine best next steps. When virtual care is rendered, overhead costs and resources are saved.  Evaluations can become faster without any detriment to care.
  • Increase throughput and patient ease by conducting effective virtual triage, managing pre-visit paperwork digitally, and optimizing visit time.  Eliminate unneeded waiting room time.
  • Reduce unneeded in-office appointments. Not all care requires an in-office appointment. Schedule routine care and follow-up appointments, such as for medication management,  virtually.  Virtual visits can reflect your high standard of care while driving up efficiency and revenue.  
  • Escalate the path to recovery by decreasing the impediments to care and assisting individuals in starting treatment and realizing outcomes sooner.

Care Plan Adherence

In a world focused on proven care quality and patient outcomes, patient treatment plan adherence and ownership is critical.  Moreover, it is estimated that up to 50% of patients fail to show up for follow-up appointments, a key component of care management.  By automating appointment reminders, educational information dissemination, and distributing care milestone notifications, you can promote treatment adherence while reducing your staff’s administrative burden. Outcomes will improve.  And your bottom line will thank you.

  • Improve patient-centered communication and education via digital information distribution and/or use of SMS text messages.  Answer questions timely and help individuals to stay on their prescribed path.
  • Provide education and training virtually.  Whether instructing on mindfulness activities, improving one’s understanding about anxiety, or reinforcing CBT strategies, telehealth can be an advantageous aid. 
  • Increase medication monitoring and adherence via outreach, digital reminders and programs, including encouraging and supportive messaging.
  • Address mental barriers and stigmas to treatment using virtual appointments and messaging.
  • Increase integrated care planning via virtual consultations with PCPs, specialists, and other care team members.
  • Reduce no-shows by up to 75%; less than 5% of scheduled appointments are canceled after clients receive a text message reminder.

TeleVisitor™ – Affordable, Engaging, Telepresence

Our portable, nimble, and flexible robotic device creates a dynamic sense of engagement. Positioned within the practice, you can conduct a virtual session from anywhere.

  • Conduct secure video appointments using a 100% HIPAA-compliant video session with screen-sharing capabilities.
  • Increase collaborative meeting efficiencies between psychiatrists, psychologists, other clinicians and family members across distances conveniently, without needed travel. 
  • Enable participation of additional individuals during screenings or for family or group sessions.
  • Reach new patients.  Extend beyond your local market or organization.
  • Improve operational efficiency while maintaining or improving the quality of care.
  • Realize a competitive market advantage.  Be known as an innovative, client-responsive provider.

Appointment Scheduling & Reminders

Research shows that 35% of clients prefer scheduling appointments during non-business hours, and 40% of online bookings actually happen after hours.  Make the appointment scheduling process easier:  reduce opportunities for miscommunication and human error and eliminate back and forth communication, unanswered calls, and endless voicemails. Schedule in-person or virtual telehealth appointments using one platform (TeleTether™) to save time and improve the patient experience.

  • Proactively identify availability of each care team member to facilitate ease in making appointments.
  • Decrease staff time spent on telephone calls setting up and confirming appointments.
  • Provide (optional) 24/7 patient self-scheduling to increase client volume, save administrative workload and decrease missed appointments.
  • Build practice capacity.  Grow your client volume and increase your appointment count.
  • Automate appointment confirmations and reminders.  Craft and send effective notices to stimulate adherence.
  • Reduce no-shows by up to 75%; less than 5% of scheduled appointments are cancelled after clients receive a text message.

Two Way HIPAA Compliant SMS Texting

98% of text messages are read by recipients, compared to just 20% of all emails. 58% of consumers express a more positive outlook on businesses if they use SMS technology and customers are 28% more likely to recommend a company to friends if it uses SMS capability.  Communicate with your patients in a way that’s native to them, SMS text. No more unanswered phone calls, full voicemail boxes or lost messages due to email spam filters.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Provide security, confidentiality; exchange PHI and PII without concern; obtain HIPAA consents, health histories, and other forms digitally.
  • Easily initiate conversations – make your messages heard with a higher response rate.
  • Easily and promptly answer questions.
  • Streamline workflows. 
  • Review prior messages.  Messages are stored and available for historical review.

Customizable SMS Templates

Research shows that text messages with personalization can yield a 4% -12% better response rate to the message.  You can send personalized text messages in just seconds to patients wherever and whenever.

  • Save time: respond to frequently asked questions in 1-click.
  • Personalize messages:  Customize text messages simply using our merged fields functionality.
  • Ensure consistency: Template, save and reuse frequently sent messages, campaign text replies, autoresponders, and keyword confirmation messages.

Patient Education and Targeted Patient Marketing

Patients are increasingly taking to the internet to garner healthcare education.  Arming patients with accurate, applicable information, at the right time, has the power to impact decision-making,  improve outcomes and transform your practice and the lives of those you serve.

  • Deliver patient specific information based on the patient’s condition and  treatment plan that is understandable, appealing, relevant, and easy to act on.
  • Empower patients via instruction provision, guidance, and education that promotes decisions that will yield optimal health care status.
  • Produce and distribute original video content that establishes your practices as an accessible and authoritative source for trusted BH information and treatment.

Specialty Referrals / Warm handoffs

Virtually bring clinical resources and specialists into your practice setting, strengthening the patient-provider relationship and improving care continuity.

  • Expand access to care.
  • Eliminate geographical constraints.
  • Strengthen your referral network.

Calendar Integration

Instantly connect your calendar to deepen your collaboration with your team. Say goodbye to double bookings.

  • Two-way sync with your connected calendar ensuring you never get double booked
  • Keep your calendar private allowing clients to only see available time slots. Free or busy event names are never revealed.
  • Secure encrypted connection gives you piece of mind; your data is safe and secure.

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