Friends and Families

A safe, seamless way to virtually transport visitors to the bedside or residence of their loved one. 

TeleVisitor™ – Affordable, Engaging, Just-In-Time Presence

Being separated from friends and family can be difficult, especially during these times. Our light-weight, easy to use, portable device, brings everyone together for virtual visitation. Virtual visits offer many benefits including:

  • Improved psychological well-being – Moods are lifted for all.  Feelings of isolation, depression and loneliness of separated individuals can be mitigated.  Assists in meeting emotional and support needs for families and patients.
  • Aids the healing and recovery process – Comfort, personal connectedness, and assurance from trusted loved ones in times of uncertainty and unrest can strengthen the human body and spirit.
  • Broadened opportunities  Socialization is made possible during times of restriction or limitations.  Individuals can share experiences, interests and current events while eliminating worry, frustration, and undue concern.
  • Meet Individuals’ Special Needs  Utilization of televisitation can be helpful in meeting the needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive impairments who have difficulty adapting to the sudden change in people’s availability or presence or when visits that they have come to rely on get disrupted.
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Advantages for Organizations Offering Televisitation

  • Demonstrates your enhanced capacity for caring – Providing solutions that meet the holistic needs of those you serve acknowledges the role family and friends have as essential health partners.
  • Respects all stakeholders – Accommodating the daily life demands of visitors in light of distance, busy schedules, conflicts, transportation challenges and such and the organization or individual’s position regarding isolation, quarantine, illness, or restrictive policies to meet the need for visitation demonstrates a respect for all.
  • Creates market differentiation – The organization will be known for being responsive, innovative and offering safe, secure visitation, even in turbulent times.
  • Decreases staff burden  Family will be able to assess the status of their loved one during video visits rather than requesting the assistance of staff via phone calls or other means.  The device enables a hands-free experience, reducing the reliance on third party assistance during the visit.
  • Foster connectivity & awareness – Interactional group forums providing information regarding activities, policy changes, and the like can be scheduled and held with interested parties, reducing the need for other  correspondence.  
  • Aligns with state and federal guidelines TeleVisitor™ aides infection control pre-screening for in-person visitation and supports virtual visitation as endorsed in state and federal recommendations during periods of reduced interactions such as with pandemics, isolation, quarantines, etc.

Visitation Scheduling

Schedule and coordinate visitations via our simple, hands-free, TeleVisitor™ device. This will save your staff time and improve the patient/resident experience.

  • Easy to Use – Adaptable for all technology literacy levels
  • Encourages visitation – Help visitors remember their visitation times via the receipt of an automated visitation confirmation.
  • Expanded visitationFamilies and friends can meet with loved ones at convenient times beyond limited visitation windows.
  • Improve patient/resident and visitor experience – Ancillary aides are available to assist those who are hearing or visually impaired.

Provide Privacy and Security

We keep privacy and security top of mind for all end users.  We secure and protect the privacy for all of your patients or residents.

  • Choice in Visitors –  Patients/residents can choose with whom they want to visit and for how long, giving them control.
  • Waiting Rooms – This optional setting requires staff, patients, or residents to be admitted into a visitation session. 
  • Easy set-up and hands free – Activation is simple and often is able to be done independently.  No need for staff to assist or wait nearby – and no concern by patients or residents that someone is listening to private conversations. 
  • Compliant   We comply with all applicable privacy laws, rules, and regulations in the jurisdictions where we operate.
  • Encrypted – We protect visitation sessions by encrypting the session’s video, audio, and screen sharing. The content is protected with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256.

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